“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.” ― Charles Dudley Warner

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I’m at a standstill.  Remember how I was fretting over the shape of the gown?  Yes…I decided after talking to a few close friends and stewing over it, I am throwing out the petticoat.  It has to be an elliptical.  *flails*

This really throws a wrench into my plans.  It means that I now have to send away for steel, notions and a historical pattern.  AND throw out all of the work that I’ve done so far!  They won’t fit over an elliptical.

Oh how discouraged this wanderer is.  At best, I will get all of my supplies by the end of the week.  So in the meantime, I suppose I will deal with life things and prepare for my next journey.

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