Its good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end. ~Ernest Hemingway

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Today I begin the muslin mock up.  I am armed with yards of muslin and two Simplicity patterns that the dress will be loosely based off of.  For now, I’m using an old quinceanera petticoat that I’ve used in the past for Civil War winter reenactments for my foundation.

I’m really disappointed and put out that the whole underskirt is riddled with design work only to be covered up by an overskirt.  So much work will never see the light of day.

Once the underskirt mockup was cut, I began measuring and calculating for scallop size.


I then made a template and began cutting.  Not entirely sure how I’m going to make it scallop on the final version yet, but I’ll figure that out when I arrive at that bridge.

Unfortunately, after cutting the scallop pattern on the skirt, I decided the pattern was too small.  So I ended up redoing the template an cutting the whole bottom of the skirt again.  This time it looked right, but now I have to add an inch to the next hem because its too short now.

Free-handing the design came next;


I’m rather annoyed that this design, while the same, gets smaller as it travels up the gown.  Which means, I get to draw it five separate times!  And my OCD gets to have a nervous breakdown because its not going to be perfect. But its times like these that I have to listen to the wisdom of another master I worked under.  He worked for Hollywood for many years and even worked on the iconic Iron Man suit.  His wisdom went something like this; Remember, the original Darth Vader helmet was crooked.  Its the most iconic helmet in film and it wasn’t perfect.  Its the imperfections that make something beautiful and one of a kind.   So with that in mind, I journey on.

At this point, I must introduce my assistant and familiar – Pepper.  She is my silly cat that sits on every project I work on as I work on it and gets her cat hair on everything.  She is even known to unpin projects if I’m not looking.  She is a sweet heart and you will probably be seeing lots of her!  In fact, my Instagram name is because of her.  Check me out on instagram too! #BlackCatCostumes


It’s been five hours since I began and I’ve stopped.  The pattern that I have created is too busy and they are competing for the eye’s attention.  While lovely, its too much.


After meditating for a bit over it, I finally decided to go with my gut feeling – less is more.  Thus, I re-sketched and arrived at a design that pleased me.  Its light, but my Sharpie has long since given up the ghost.


After 10 hours of designing, this traveler had to call it a day.  Shall we begin our wandering tomorrow?

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