“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” – Ernest Hemmingway

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I began my work rather early today.  I’m getting high and running out of sharpies, but progress goes well on the designs.  I’m on the fence about the design, but it will do for now.  Can I also take a moment to complain?  It’s beyond annoying that this pattern isn’t one that I can draw once, make a stencil and move on with my life.  Every one of these patterns is individual and will have to be drawn by hand.


I worked until I couldn’t stand the sharpie smell.  My apartment reeks.  Thus, between the smell and my hand cramp, I switched tracks – the quilt is begging to be worked on anyways.


This quilt was such a good idea.  I’ve made most of my beginner’s mistakes on it rather than on my gown.  I tried every stitch Taylor can do before deciding I’m rather fond of a small satin stitch.  I also decided I needed a now foot for applique where I can actually see what I am doing.


I then took a break after finishing all of the applique only to wander back to the retreat in search of better tools.  Tools man, they seriously make or break your experience.

So after looking and touching everything at every booth in the dealer’s hall, I ended up with some new, fancy tools to make my journey easier.  I am SO excited!


My haul includes;

  • Iron cleaner
  • A new, baby iron for tight corners and tiny seams
  • Serrated scissors
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Four packs of new embroidery needles
  • A new foot for Taylor

This wanderer is MOST pleased.  Totally will be eating tuna all next week, but I have no regrets!

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