“If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all.” – Dan Rather

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I wish I had taken photos at the all night quilting party!!  I return to the retreat at 10 pm with quilt, machine and tools in tow.  What a GLORIOUS sight to behold!  A whole con floor filled to capacity with over a 100 women and 100 machines running a breakneck speed, filling the whole place with a sweet hum of work.  Oh, I was in heaven!

I was invited to sit near the front with some more sweet ladies and proceeded to visit and mingle.  I really did enjoy myself!  There were fabulous door prizes, of which I got four of, and ladies of every kind to talk to!

As fate would have it, this delightful woman came to sit at our table and was super polite to listen to my chatter.  (When I get going, I’m like a monkey in a tree)  We talked about my gown, e-textiles and my ambitions for the coming year and I was rather surprised when she asked me for a business card!  I don’t have any, so I just gave her my information on a slip of paper.  I was rather confused why anyone would want my contact information!  She left for a moment and the ladies at my table erupted in a rather excited chatter.  Did I know to whom I had been speaking to?  I answered blankly that I didn’t and apparently I had been talking to the biggest fish and coolest person at the retreat – the national teacher that had been flown in for the occasion.

I could have crawled under a rock.  I felt so dumb that I had been spouting all sorts of nonsense!

She did come back to finish our conversation and this time I was rather shy, now that I knew who she was.  She told me to believe in myself and to find confidence in what I do.  She was so kind to me!  I ended up giving her my only e-textile sample, which I had been showing around to anyone how would look, and thanked her for her kindness.

I really do hope I hear from her one day!

So after I made a spectacle of myself, I started focusing on piecing my quilt.  I was in the zone until 3 am when I tried to put my owl blocks into my pieced blocks.  To my horror, they didn’t fit!  I had a nervous breakdown and it must have showed, because suddenly a handful of ladies swarmed my quilt to help diagnose what went wrong.  Armed with various measuring tools, a collective gasp told me they discovered where I went wrong.  Had I been sewing ¼ inch seams?  Well, I thought I had, but apparently I was off by 2 millimeters.  TWO MILLIMETERS!  I couldn’t believe that something so small would screw me up so horribly!

Patiently, one lady explained that to a garment seamstress, two millimeters means nothing.  But to a quilter, it means everything.  Seam after seam, those two stinking millimeters added up until it robbed me of an inch and a half.

I could have flipped a table.

After many hugs and reassuring words, I decided to call it a night.  I packed up and wandered home.

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