“I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist.” – Billy Joel

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I have almost gathered every scrap of my fabric that Utah is hiding.  In a trip south, I secured eight more yards for my stock pile!  It was a rather frustrating visit to Joann’s as I was trying to exchange my old fabric for my new fabric and management gave me grief every step of the way.  I can’t say I was horribly pleasant by the end of that adventure.  I then took the opportunity to go to the Bernina store.  Love that place!  The workers always greet me with hugs and we chat and visit as they help me.

I went there because I have been warned that using metallic thread for any sort of top stitching is a screaming nightmare.  Thus, I decided to get the professional’s opinion.  And the verdict?  Horrified faces and shaking of heads.  One lady was so adamant against that thread that it made me laugh.  All of them cautioned me against metallic thread.  It snaps every five seconds, is a weak thread and has the potential of throwing off my machine.  The last one I was more worried about.

My Bernina, Taylor, is my baby and I don’t want this project to hurt him.  So after a few more horror stories, I brought my fabric in to try and colour match.  We chose Floriani Embroidery PF842 after the three of us crowded around and bickered over which one was the perfect match.  It’s the best thread that Dave’s Bernina carries, shiny and strong and the ladies told me that investing in the good stuff would help save sanity as I worked on the project.  They also said I would hate the project less if my thread and machine worked in harmony.  So I bought a single spool for now to try it out.  While it’s not metallic, I’m really hoping that the shine and the colour match make it something beautiful.  I also bought an open embroidery foot #20 for Taylor!  Hopefully by being able to see what I’m doing, without the foot obstructing my view, my satin stitches will be even.

I have been rather fortunate in my travels to wander life’s road with some rather influential individuals.  They have shaped my life for the better and I will be forever grateful for their company on my journey.  Last night I had the chance to visit one of those individuals, my cosplay mom.  A long time ago, she took me under her wing and adopted me.  She always makes sure I have eaten, had water or sends me for naps if I’m getting cranky at conventions.  And I often take refuge with her from time to time when the journey becomes rocky or difficult.

Last night I made the journey to visit her.  I have been rather beat down lately.  I’m rather weary of people telling me this project is above my skill level or that there is no way I can make it before July.  Or a handful of other comments that I will not be recording here.  I showed her my fabric, the plans that I have in store and all of the new tools that I have been collecting.  She was supportive and excited for me, which was something I really needed last night.  So grateful for her tonight as I travel home!

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