Kuroshitsuji – Undertaker

For my adaptation of Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji, the history surrounding the Funeral Mute made sense for Undertaker. Just trying to find a cover in the human world and having a rather strange manner about him, the role of an undertaker and funeral mute was the perfect role.

While he does not have the crepe covered staff in his design, I wanted his over jacket to be a newer piece, showing that while he ‘looks’ lower class, the clothes are simply a farce and a costume in his new human role.

Over Jacket & Under Jacket

 The over jacket was created by draping a mock up pattern first. This mockup became the pattern and 18 oz medium weight wool was then cut and sewn into the finished garment. Steaming helped the wool in being shaped and put into its final place.

I wanted the 40 custom covered buttons to match and be a harmonious part of the over and underjacket. Thus, I made all of them by hand. These buttons took a good half day to create before they were finished and sewn into place. His hat was hand draped from the same wool used in the Mute’s over jacket and a final, basic twill sash finished off Undertaker’s human persona.

The actual realization of the over jacket was rather simple as it is simply bulk fabric. However, for ease of using my hands and for utilitarian purposes, buttons mark where corresponding black whopper snaps lay so that I can easily and quickly snap the sleeves up and out of my way.