Her Universe Fashion Sketches

The Her Universe Fashion Show blasted onto the San Diego Comic Con stage in 2014, becoming the first ever, “Geek Couture” fashion show and design competition. Showcasing custom fashions, The Her Universe Fashion Show gives a once in a lifetime chance for fan girls to present their designs to the world. While I was not selected, the designs I created are ones that I hope will someday be a fully realized garment.

From the Ashes

From the Ashes - Thor

“From the Ashes” is inspired by the deconstructed, fallen look of Thor Odinson during his time in the gladiator’s ring. His signature red cape is represented in a dramatic, over-one-shoulder cape while armor inspired the fabric manipulation of the bodice. Dropping into a simple, high slit sheathe skirt, the splashes of ‘recycled’ teal create a visual interest along with the alien text decorating the skirt. Complex and sculpted – the dress is meant to be visually heroic, reminiscent of Thor’s Godly status and stature.

From the Ashes
Burdened With Glory

Burdened with Glory - Loki

“Burdened with Glory” is a show stopping gown that commands the room. Mixed media such as leather, fabric and metal elements create the bodice that drops into a deconstructed skirt. The dramatic, chiffon cape trails effortlessly behind, representing the godlike grace that this trickster embodies. Like Loki, this gown is more than meets the eye as hand details of brass and manipulated fabric adorns each element, becoming more upon further examination. Bold and proud – this gown is sure to have the room at their knees.

Pirate Dreams

Pirate Dream - Monkey D. Luffy

“Pirate Dreams” was inspired by the essence of One Piece’s literary romance nature. Colorful, heroic and extraordinary, Monkey D. Luffy’s look retains his bright, primary colors while being supplemented by inspirational elements. The youthful skirt was inspired by the “Gum Gum Devil Fruit” that gives Luffy the ability to stretch like rubber. This ability was represented by the yards and yards of ruffles that whimsically ‘stretch’ throughout the high – low skirt. His open vest becomes deconstructed into the deep V-neck bodice while his four buttons become a playful accent element as well as statement neckline. Going along for the ride is his Jolly Roger clutch, re-imagined stiletto shoes and, of course, his signature hat.

Pirate Dreams
Pan the Avenger

Pan the Avenger - Peter Pan

“Pan the Avenger” is meant to be a girl’s perfect ‘revenge gown’. Inspired by Peter Pan’s colors and clothing, “Pan the Avenger” is a couture expression of youth, spirit and a bit of Pixie Dust. The skirt is sheer, split into three sections. The first is Pan’s tunic and bodice which is adorned with custom lace leaves and fabric manipulation. Dropping into the skirt, the silk chiffon is sheer, giving the illusion of flying over the hem of ‘tree tops’. Of course, Peter’s red feathered cap is turned into a chic “fascinator” hat, topping off the look with class.