Focus on the journey, not the destination

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I suppose the journey begins with a single step, or in my case, a first post.  Which I have really struggled with starting!  I’m not sure who will read this, but I hope that along the journey, we can wander together.

I’m starting this blog to leave behind alphabetic footprints of my journey as a cosplayer, seamstress and musician.  Though, I am sure there will be other musings here too.  My name is Gadget, a nickname I was given when I worked in the theater.   I am a rather quirky, eclectic soul and I can be rather snarky when I write. So be warned that there is snark ahead.

I’m starting a gown.  The last of my cosplay endeavors.  After being handed four consecutive losses as a competitor, I declared to my boyfriend that I was no longer going to make cosplays.  He, being the ever patient and supportive soul, retorted with; “If you could make one last costume or cosplay, what would it be?”

That question took me a week to answer.

You see, there hasn’t been any new animes/character designs that have inspired or moved me.  I don’t know if its because I’m getting too old for the scene or if the culture has changed to the point that I no longer identify with it.  Who knows.  Anyways.  After thinking long an hard about his question I found my answer.  If I’m going to make one last cosplay, its going to be one hell of a project.  Something that challenges me and makes me learn new skills and techniques.

So this was my answer;


Celes Chere from Final Fantasy VI

I chose her for a few different reasons.  First, I have always wanted to make a beautiful gown and wear it.  As a cosplayer, I have always crossplayed and there has never been a reason for me to play the girl.  Second, I watched my sewing master create this gown and I have since had a fascination with the design.  Maybe part of me wants to make her proud of what she taught me and what I taught myself.  Then finally, I knew I would have to learn a few different skills to make this gown, so I would grow and benefit from it.

When I told this to my boyfriend he told me to go for it.  He would absorb the costs and I would be free to create without worry of cost. I’m not sure what good I ever did to have a man like him in my life, but I am thankful and grateful.

So with that, I begin my journey.  May we wander together for a time.


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