“The only journey is the one within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

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I got back into the swing of things today.  Armed with steel, notions and a scary looking pattern I began today’s journey.  I have been avoiding this moment all week.  The pattern is almost ½ an inch thick and all text.  To say I’m a little nervous is an understatement.

Oh, let’s be honest.  I hate reading instructions.  But this set was really weirdly written.

So I made the thingy that everything is supposed to hook to


Attached it to the belt and started measuring and marking the ribbons that will support the steel.  Marked the crap out of that and then sewed it to the thingy.  It kind of looks like a cute little jellyfish!


Three hours passed.

I’m pretty sure my house was as bad as a rated R movie during those three hours.  There was quite a bit of profanity and blood every time I stabbed myself!

And I admit, I really struggled with the tip covers.  They kept falling off and no amount of crimping would keep them there.  It was probably a user issue.  During this whole rated R soundtrack, Pepper hated the steel between the cutting, marking and shoving, it made quite the racket.

Got the whole thing pinned together and didn’t get how I was supposed to get this through my sewing machine to sew it all down…


And then I got to the last line and behold!  “Stitch all points by hand”  I may have tossed the packet on the floor…

I believe it’s time to quit while I’m ahead tonight and go to rehearsal.

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